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Double Concrete Pour Base

  • Concrete base to take a double size garage up to 26ft 6 wide x 30'3"deep
  • Includes turf, soil or tarmac removal
  • Concrete base thickness to be between 4 and 6 inches deep laid onto a compacted hardcore MOT (Type 1) sub base with a damp proof membrane
  • Please note; Lean-to garages and those over 30 square metres will almost certainly be subject to Building Regulations which will significantly raise costs
  • All prices include VAT, labour and waste removal charges
  • No allowance has been made for any tree or shrub removal
  • Prices strictly subject to survey and based on relatively level ground
  • For building lengths in between sizes; eg 17ft long - please use the table to the next size up 18ft

Compton Spares £ 3860.00 to 11520.00 Available in selected sizes.

Please Note: All prices on the page are subject to change at manufacturers discretion.

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